Treatment to combat dyspepsia

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    To get rid of this condition, you must first quit smoking and alcohol. In addition, you should not take anti-inflammatory drugs, which promote dyspepsia.

     In addition, people suffering from dispersal need to change their behavior during the meal, ie to dedicate time and awareness to the meal, eliminating distractions such as television or mobile use, activities that prevent them from being aware of the moment and invites swallow. Thus, we would improve the chewing and avoid filling the stomach in a short time, giving it the possibility of a distance depending on what was ingested.

     Doctors recommend people to eliminate carbonated beverages from the diet, as this will help avoid the feeling of early satiety.

     In terms of food, if the patient suffers from dyspepsia and bothers to eat sour fruits, for example, it will be an indication that the gastric mucosa is in poor condition and a specific treatment for mucosal regeneration will be essential. The same goes for fatty foods. If you are very sensitive to fat it could be an indication of pancreatic problems.

     In some cases, controlled treatment of proton pump inhibitors (Omeprazole) will be helpful, given that what we will do is avoid the symptoms, but we will not treat the cause.

     If you have symptoms of slow stomach emptying, I recommend using prokinetic medications. In addition to these drugs, you can also take antidepressants, because their role is to reduce the increased sensitivity of the gastrointestinal tract in patients with functional dyspepsia.

     Researchers in the field also recommend it to people suffering from this condition and plants, because it provides relief for some of the symptoms of functional dyspepsia. We can use licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) which improves the sensation of acidity and helps to recover the gastric mucosa, the German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) helps with mild spasms, bloating, flatulence and belching. Boldo (Peumus boldus) is a great ally of the digestive system, because it stimulates the liver and gallbladder, it is a protector of the stomach, with slightly anesthetic and calming effects. Cumin (Carum carvi) is antispasmodic and increases gastric activity. If you suffer from dyspepsia, talk to your doctor and they will give you an ideal herbal synergy for your case.

     I think everyone realizes that stress plays a very important role in this condition. It distracts the energy to the alarm systems, preventing them from performing their function efficiently. For this reason, all relaxation techniques, such as meditation or yoga, directly help to improve the functioning of the entire digestive system, in addition to providing a general feeling of well-being.