Natural sleeping pills

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     On some days or weeks, people may experience episodes of insomnia. Because of them, we can impede our performance every day. The causes of this insomnia can be different from person to person, but in general and, in general, we can define what these causes are.

     This problem can occur due to the following: stress, work problems, economic difficulties, health problems, excessive worry, work schedule, etc. Some doctors prescribe sleeping pills that solve your problem in the short term, but which can have long-term side effects and will gradually lose their effectiveness.

     Another great remedy is plants, which can act as natural sleeping pills, in addition to helping you cope with the stress, worry or anxiety that your personal situation generates while they will help you fall asleep. 

     People need to know that nature gives us plants that act as a natural sleeping pill, with a relaxing effect and that are effective against anxiety that can help us fight all the effects of stress and improve the quality of sleep. I will recommend some plants that are very effective as natural sleeping pills:

  • Valerian. This plant is either dry and has in its content “valepotriatos”. This content has a depressant effect on the nervous system that will help us fight anxiety and also has a sedative effect, so it can be used as a natural sleeping pill. To enhance its effect, we can make a decoction as follows: take 25 grams of root, preferably fresh, cut it and place it in about 600 ml of cold water for 8-10 hours. I had a hot cup before bed.
  • Lime is known by specialists as having a sedative effect. To have this effect, people should only use its flowers. If you want to increase its effect of natural sleep, I recommend using an infusion of hot water with a tablespoon of lime and we can take it an hour before bedtime, so that it has time to enter into force.
  • Lemon balm. For this plant to have effects, you must use fresh leaves. The actions of lemon balm are sedative and antidepressant, so they have a clear natural sleep effect. We can prepare a cup of warm infusion, either with its fresh or dried leaves, shortly before bedtime.
  • The flower of passion. Its role is to be used as a natural anxiolytic. It helps people fight anxiety and therefore become a natural sleeping pill. In the same way as with previous plants, it is enough to drink a warm cup of infusion for a while before going to bed to increase its effect.
  • Mac or California Mac: This plant contains an active ingredient called “Eschscholtzina” which has a beneficial sleep effect on the quality of sleep in the conciliation phase and also on the phases of deep sleep. It also has an anxiolytic effect and therefore fights stress and reduces the nervousness we can generate throughout the day. To which, added as a whole, make the plant a good natural sleeping pill.
  • And the last plant in this article is called hops. It has a sedative effect. Just infuse 2 to 4 strobiles in hot water for 5 minutes and take them 30 minutes before bedtime.